Welcome to our stylish custom designed Garden Apartments homes that can be approved and ready to build in as little as 30 days under the NSW Government Granny Flat Planning Policy.

We are a Sydney based family company who design and construct a wide range of housing types and styles. Our leading Granny flat designs are ideal for teenagers, couples, young families, elderly parents or just high yielding rental income.

With over 30 years experience, we bring a dynamic team of designers and builders to each project, with understanding that each person’s home needs are different ensuring the “right solution” is built for you.

With us it’s as easy A B C

Our Aim

Our primary aim is to provide affordable housing through our professional and easy design packages to suit a range of needs. Our clients include:-

  • Elderly parents who you want to keep close by
  • Single parents or newly weds needing affordable rent with low maintenance
  • Teenagers wanting to move out of home, but remain close by
  • Property investors wanting to make money from the rental returns
  • Mums and dads needing more space around the house
  • Business people needing an office to work from work

Why Us?

We are a 1 stop shop for every aspect of your project, and can take care of the whole process in 3 easy steps.

With our extensive Residential development experience, you will be able to take advantage of our detailed architectural design service and in depth construction knowledge… to be confident you are in good hands.

In just 1 visit, our Display Apartment demonstrates how spacious, functional and luxurious our Garden Apartments and how our designs can integrate and compliment your existing home and property.

  • Step 1, we take care of the design to meet your specific requirements
  • Step 2, we take care of the building approval, whether it be a Council DA (Development Application) or CDC (Complying Development Consent)
  • Step 3, we can introduce an appropriately qualified builder to build our design, or use your own builder for the project.